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Standard Diesel Generator Sets

This series of diesel generator sets use the CUMMINS

diesel engine as the prime mover, with the merits of small

size, low fuel consumption,excellent power performance

and reliable operation,. Offering outputs ranging from

24 kVA to 2000 kV.

LOVOLengine diesel generator set is the result of integrated

design and manufacturing intended to meet the customer's

requirements for reliability, power quality, rated performance

and efficient operation.Offering outputs ranging from

36 kVA to 120 kVA .

This series is powered by the renowned DEUTZ engines for

their reputed reliability and low maintenance. With outstanding

load acceptance capabilities,it is suitable for most industrial

applications with difficult operating working conditions. Offering

outputs ranging from 31 kVA to 570kVA .

Chinese engine series diesel generator sets, we have specially


engine with economic and cost effective power, It provides a

higher level of reliability with lower cost of ownershipOffering

outputs ranging from 29kVA to 1800 kVA .

Remarks:  For other brand engine diesel generator set, pls send request to us.
Gasoline Generator Sets

GFQ gasoline engine generator utilize the most advanced

technologiesand crafts to present incredible performances,

all products are manufactured in an ISO9001environment

and meet ISO8528 requirement .

DC Welding and AC Power Generating Set

Air-Cooled Type

Water-Cooled Type