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        Gasoline Generator Set



GFQ gasoline engine generator utilize the most advanced technologies and crafts to present incredible performances, all products are manufactured in an ISO9001environment and meet ISO8528 requirement .


● Electronic fuel injection technology

Guarantees best combustion states under varying conditions.

● ECU automatics distributorless ignition system

Secures a best ignition advance angle

● Low Emissions

In accordance with Euro3 and Euro 4 emission standards to minimize

exhaust contaminations.


● Brushless excitation

Guarantees minimum radio interference to surroundings and minimum maintenance requirements.

● Unique patented ventilation structure

Efficiently improves cooling effects by more than 20%

● Integral salient pole rotor structure

Features maximum mechanical strength and excellent cooling effect to field windings.

● Optimized AVR design, integrated with low-frequency protection module


● Excellent overall performances

In accordance with the most advanced requirements in ISO8528.

● Low working Noise, Noise (at 1m) ≤80db

● Small size and light weight

● Big tank capacity