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AVR Series Automatic

                      Voltage Regulator


The A.V.R is produced by our company with advanced technology and importing elements, it features in advanced circuit, steady performance, precise regulation, low waveform distortion, and integrated protecting function, it can be deployed on AC brush(or brushless) generators of any power level and it compare favorably with the similar importing product.

27.jpgThe A.V.R produce by our company can be classified with the generators to which they are deployed.

l Type of MFW-1A and BWT-1A are suitable 3 phase brushless alternator

l Type of BYT-1A is suitable for 3phase brush alternator .

l Type of BXT-1A and BXT-2A are suitable for phase-compound exciting and harmonic alternator.

l Type of MFD is suitable for single-phase brushless alternator.

l Type of BZT-1A is suitable for mid-range frequency brushless alternator.

l Type of BQT-1A and BQT-2A are suitable for mini type single-phase gasoline generator.