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l Li-ion battery cell: high performance, safe, durable, environment friendly

1. 10Ah li-ion battery cell, unique processing formula, pollution-free; workable between -30℃~+60℃; more than 5 years life span.

2. Battery cell has passed the tests of penetration, extrusion, over-charge, over-discharge by authoritative institution. (The company’s battery products also applied in military devices.)

l Solar charge plus electricity charge

The built-in solar panel with high conversion rate can charge the battery fast, available with solar charge and electricity charge.

l Specially selected high brightness 3W LED lamp

1. High brightness, no heat-up, pure white, more than 50,000 hours service life.

2. Five grades of LED brightness adjustable for different requirements.

l Double USB terminals frequency dividers available for simultaneously fast-charging

1. Double USB connection port, intelligent identification for frequency dividing output, fast

charging without damage to the device.

2. 2A fast power storage, support tablet PC and mobile phone simultaneously charging.

l Intelligent fast-charge technology

1. Adopt the world’s advanced fast-charge IC technology, quad-core synchronous pulse

charging up to 90% efficiency.

2. The charge input is up to 2.1A, saving 50% charging time.

l Comprehensive safety protection technology

1. Over-charge protection: prevent the battery from over charging.

2. Over-discharge protection: prevent the battery from over discharging.

3. Over-voltage protection: prevent over voltage or under voltage during charging

or discharging.

4. Over-current protection: prevent over current during charging, which influences

the lifespan of the battery.

5. Over-power protection: prevent the battery from over-power discharging.

6. Temperature protection: auto-protect the battery in case of over temperature.

7. Short-circuit protection: auto-protect the battery in case of short-circuit.

8. Resume protection: press the power switch to resume power status of the battery.

9. Reverse connection protection: the circuit auto stops working in case of reverse

connection in order to protect the device.

10. EMF protection: protect the device from external electromagnetic field influences.