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Brother company Lithium-ion starting battery, it can called as “limit battery” and “the last generation battery”, lithium-ion power battery is the core of automobile startup battery,

Brother’s Lithium-ion starting battery adopts original formulation process, innovative composition ratio of material, the whole process achieves NC standardization, to ensure the stability of the cell’s forming, and to achieve a great breakthrough of monomer’s consistency and security.


17.jpgIn April 2012, Brother’s lithium-ion power battery passed the mandatory testing of Northern Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Institution at one-time, all 32 indicators are qualified.

In April 2013, Brother’s lithium iron phosphate battery passed the test of Northern Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Institution at one-time, all 32 indicators are qualified.

In February 2014, Brother’s new lithium-ion battery successfully passed the test in cold region, which is detected by General Armament Department of the armored equipment Technology Research Institute.



· High security

Brothers Lithium-ion battery have been detected by Northern Automobile Quality Supervision and Inspection Institution, through a series of mandatory testing including extrusion, puncture, heating dropping, short-circuit, over-charging and over-discharging, Lithium batteries are rather safe and table. No fire, no explosion, no leakage, Lithium-ion battery itself is made from non-toxic, non-polluting materials, the housing of products uses ABS material which have enhanced anti-burning performance, ensuring the safety of using and recycle , raw material consists of phosphorus and iron which is the main ingredients of plant fertilizer.

The weight of this product is only one-third of an ordinary lead-acid battery,, without adding water, without charge before using, completely without need of maintenance.

· High Rate

Brother’s lithium-ion phosphate can discharge more than 96%, the battery is with low internal resistance adapts to the large current discharge load, high discharge rate works excellently in all vehicles and ships, can save fuel more than 5%.

· High Cycle Life

The number of cycles of lithium-iron phosphate more than 2,000 times, making it possible not to replace the battery in the vehicle life cycle.

· High charging efficiency

Speed of battery charging is dozen times than conventional batteries, at the same time, self-discharge rate, monthly self-discharge rate of about 1.5 percent, only conventional battery 1/20, you don’t need to charge for three months while maintaining normal use.

· Used in severe cold regions

Brother’s lithium-ion startup battery adopts a special material structure, which greatly enhances the activity of the inner workings of the battery, it carries excellent low temperature performance, its capacitance can work under the temperatures of -40.