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 Solar energy

          insect-killing lamp

Brother’s solar insect-killing lamp, installed with military quality lithium battery as a power storage, uses solar panel to convert solar power into electricity and store in battery in daytime, and in evening, intelligent system opens high voltage electrode net intelligently and lamp lights up automatically, the lamp emits different wavelengths of ultraviolet light to attract pests and low temperature plasma light radiation have phototaxis excited effect on pests, seduces the pests pouncing on the high-voltage electrode net around the light to kill the pests, the killed pests are collected to the pest container can be used as nutrient fertilizer for crops and etc, it’s truly green insect-killer product, the product has light and rain intelligent controlling functions, high and low voltage protecting functions, with integrated design and easy installation advantages

Brother’s solar insect-killing lamp emits 320-680nm wavelength of wide-spectrum attractive light source(no danger to human) to kill more than 1500species pests, include coleopteran insects, diptera insects , Isoptera insects and mole cricket of orthoptera insects, the efficiency is up to 98%.

This product can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry fields, such as vegetables, orchards, rice, tobacco, vegetation, aquaculture and other fields, especially in the areas affected by cotton bollworm


Get the electricity from solar energy through solar panel and store in battery, no need to dig ditches and set up wire poles, its available for the areas with and without electricity

Installed with military quality green lithium battery, high performance, high security and long lifetime

DC input and output, no electric leakage or shock accur

Multi-band in the lamp, with high efficiency and wide range in killing pests over 1300 kinds